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Update by user May 01, 2018

Well as of right now Submit a Consumer Complaint to the FTC | Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Do not call list has worked. I also had to work with my bank to change everything, Change passwords, Change phone number.

I also have had these people call me and ask if everything on my computer was ok. This is another type of scam. The real computer companies never just reach out to you and ask if you computer is ok, unless you call them first. Just remember that you need to keep your real Anti-Virus company phone number handy, Keep your real computer and software company phone number handy and if you ever get a message or anything locks up your computer then call the real people first, don't ever follow a popup message.

If you ever get a phone call and they ask if you computer is ok or anything else then don't give them any information about you, ask information about them and Submit a Consumer Complaint to the FTC | Federal Trade Commission and report them to the Federal Do not call list.

They are just like the Devil, liars, deceitful, crooks and will try to win your confidence to take advantage of you and take your money and your identity. Keep aware and be vigilant, Report them!!!!!

Update by user Apr 21, 2018

I want every one to know this is not over yet. They keep calling and say they are from a collection agency and I still owe them money.

They even made up fake documents with some online app to look like legal documents. They even have a fake signature, but it's not mine and I never saw these documents or signed anything. I keep reporting them to the federal Trades commission and to the Do not call list. We are Americans and we should have some protection form these foreign Fraud companies.

Here is the crap they put on one of their documents, there address: SYS Software Hubworld "Pandsib" S.R.L.

MD-2005, str. Albisoara, 82/2, ap.102, mun Chisinau, Republica Moldava, contact @syssoftwarehubworld.com, 1-855-661-6300 I want every one to help keep reporting them and may be we can drop a Bomb on their heads and put an end to this crap.

Original review posted by user Apr 01, 2018

I was working on my computer when I received a message and a warning that I was infected with a Clampi Trojan. I was to call Microsoft Support (M.C.) right away and do not turn my computer off.

I was not thinking and was put into a panic mode. I was working one minute and the next a message and warning. I should have called my Anti Virus company first, but I thought wrong and called what was suppose to be M.C. Support.

1855-979-6447 and I got a technician named Brian Miller ext 266 he said he was from Rapid Tech. I said I needed to verify them and they showed me all kinds of web pages, rapid technicians.com and phone numbers (the same one above) and told me that they were the fix company for M.C. and they would take care of my problem for $199.99 and then they tried to sell me shield ware for 3,5,life time up to $799.00. I could not do that, but I didn't know what to do.

They showed me graphs and charts and program code and said that my computer was infected with a Clampi Trojan and that other countries were tied into my computer and attacking it. Then the paper work came and they took my information and cut a past everything into the paperwork and made a contract. I didn't sign anything, but it looks like they made me. I was really under distress and panicking.

They got my passwords, credit card info, all my personal info and then they got off the phone and I called my Virus protection company. As soon as I explained what had happened he had me cut the internet line. He said it was a scam and I should have called him first. This company has been setting these traps like this for a long time years and years and they have not been stopped.

He said there was nothing wrong with my computer and he checked it. We stopped this company before they got started with what ever they were going to do to my computer, but remember there was nothing wrong all the stuff they showed me was false, bogus and it was a hook and bait scam from the start.

Now they are trying to shove the fake contract in my face (fake document available) saying I woe them money and I have reported them to the Federal Trades commission, Do not call list and I will continue to report this scam company and their fake tactics till they are brought down. If this happens to you report them, don't pay them and don't let them get away with this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Technicians Technical Support.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Change your phone number.


I had a computer viruses a long time ago.


me too


I had same situation but was able to stop it right away and they refunded my money. I had to have my anti virus company reinstall their protection.

I was told by Rapid -technicians that my anti virus company ‘s protection had expired.

With my life lately I couldn’t remember when it was to expire. Lucky for me it looks lovely jr I got through this ok.I did put general message on FB without naming this company.


Wow....exact same story. Also tried to make me pay with a check rather than credit card, I assume because it would be harder to dispute. Please repost and tell your friends


This EXACT same thing happened to me yesterday. Feeing like such an idiot.


They got me too. They put something on my hard drive.


Omg. They just ruined my laptop. I fell for the error message and called.


Same thing here..


OMG just happened to me, exactly the same way!!!!


same scenario !!I will take your advice and report them to the Federal Trades Commission.thank you for posting.

to Nancy Wender #1512357

This happened to me too. What should I do? Any way to get my money back?

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